Other Yerevan | Website and mobile application design

Other Yerevan A Virtual Museum of Yerevan’s Urban Heritage OtherYerevan.am is a virtual museum of cultural-architectural heritage sites in contemporary Yerevan. It helps discover and document historically and culturally significant urban sites, preserve sites and structures that are still standing and commemorate those that have been lost to rapid urban restructuring. Armenia has a rich cultural heritage dating back to antiquity, but the protection of its architectural heritage is very limited and many contemporary sites of importance have been endangered and/or demolished. During the creation of the list, the research team involved over 70 architects, artists, cultural critics and other professionals to participate in a survey and to propose the most important sites for the preservation of Yerevan’s cultural heritage. The next phase of the project will focus on the creation of a customized mobile app, which can be used to explore the map while moving about the city, as well as to suggest locations for inclusion.

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